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Version 3.0.3 Released - 3/23/2009

Here is what you will find in this release:

  • Activation Wizard - This feature is accessed from the sales creation page which allows the sales associate to enter the Service Plan, ESN/IMEI, mobile phone number and any services that belong with the activation in one place. This will make it easier to do reconciliation.
  • 10 Digit  Phone Number Verification - From the system properties menu you can choose to turn on USA 10 digit phone number verification for rate plans. This will help eliminate bad phone numbers being entered. 
  • Multiple Required Related Products - Up until now when you have had a required product relationship; Inpowered forced you to sell that specific required product. Now you can create multiple required products and Inpowered will force just one of the products to be sold, not all of them.
  • Required Related Returns  If a product was sold in a required relationship, you can force both products to be returned together. This is set from the system properties menu.
  • Offline Mode HSQL Upgrade  - Offline mode will automatically upgrade  to version 1.8.10 of HSQL.
  • Promotional Price Override Commission Sharing  - When overriding a promotional priced product on a sale, the associate would take 100% of the loss/gain over the promotional price. Now you can set up a tier and create a loss/gain share between the employee and the merchant based on a percentage. This is available in product relationship editor.
  • Offline Mode Record Selection Synchronization- Now you can select the records that you want to synchronize and just those items will be uploaded to the online version.
  • Promotional Relationship on Required and or Optional Product - You can now create a promotional price on a required or optional product.

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Version 3.0.3 Released - 3/23/2009


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