Version 3.6 Released - 5/2/2011

Cricket Communications selects Inpowered - 10/5/2009

Version 3.0.3 Released - 3/23/2009

CRM Solutions, Inventory Management Software, and Cellular POS Systems
Retailers across the globe are discovering what Inpowered's cellular POS, inventory management software, and customer relationship management (CRM) software can do for their businesses. Many business owners are apprehensive about automating their cellular retail businesses due to the complexity of the process, the training required for employees, and the costs involved. Inpowered’s cellular POS applications, inventory management software, and CRM solutions are designed to simplify the entire process while offering a competitive price.

Cellular POS from any Computer with an Internet Connection
Many business owners that were once apprehensive about automating their retail businesses have been surprised at how simple Inpowered is to integrate and use. Inpowered’s cellular POS applications include inventory management software that simplifies re-inventory tasks, reports, and searches for missing inventory. Inpowered offers the ability to track inventory transfers between stores, returns, and arriving inventory all in real-time.

With Inpowered’s cellular POS services, a business owner can know exactly where inventory is at all times while making sure that inventory levels are properly maintained. Inpowered’s cellular POS system can also be accessed from any computer with an internet connection; no installation of software is needed.

Inpowered Inventory Management Software
The inventory management software and cellular POS capabilities of Inpowered are designed to save significant time and money for any business owner; whether they own one or many stores. The inventory management software, combined with the cellular POS features, free store owners up to focus on more important issues.

Inpowered CRM Solutions
In addition to the cellular POS system and inventory management software, Inpowered offers CRM solutions for your cellular business. Inpowered’s CRM solutions (customer relationship management software) are a vital part in maintaining quality customer service. These CRM solutions help manage any cellular business and its customers from anywhere in the world. With Inpowered’s CRM solutions, you can collect all your customers’ information easily. All that is required to find a specific customer’s information is just a phone number.

Inpowered will also allow a business owner to send emails and directly to customers to alert them of promotions or any other information.

Information produced from Inpowered’s CRM Solutions allows businesses to manage and grow more easily than ever.

How much do you know About Your Business?
With Inpowered, it is easy to access business information securely and quickly. All that is needed is a computer and an internet connection. Once you are logged-in to the Inpowered system you can access store inventory levels, cellular commissions, sales data, customer information, and more. Being able to access the cellular POS system, inventory management software, CRM solutions, and other functions of Inpowered from anywhere in the world is quite liberating.

Inpowered Automatic Cellular POS Updates
Inpowered was designed from the ground up with ease of use in mind. Business owners don’t have to bother with cellular POS software installation, upgrades, patches, backups, security, or any other complicated computer issues; Inpowered updates itself automatically. With Inpowered, your business will run smoother and more efficiently. To view a list of Inpowered’s key web-based point of sale features, check out our features page here:

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