Inpowered Features

Inventory and Product Management Systems: Dynamic Related Product Pricing

Inpowered knows how to dynamically adjust the price for phones when they are sold with a rate plan. No more quess work on what the price of the phone should be when it is sold with a one year or two year plan, or even by itself. Inpowered will automatically adjust the price through our powerful product relationship pricing engine. The relationship engine can also suggest items that can be sold with other products, which is a great way to encourage upselling at the time of sale. Don't mess with price lists or coupons to get the correct price of a product.

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Version 3.6 Released - 5/2/2011

Cricket Communications selects Inpowered - 10/5/2009

Version 3.0.3 Released - 3/23/2009


Inpowered has new pricing which we are now offering from our partner company Brightstar Corporation. Please contact us for more details.